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[.net] Problem in restoring the minimized IE windows

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! I'm using C# as script to launch an IE windows using the Interop SHDocVw.dll's ShellWindowsClass.Navigate(...) function. Now I want the 1. newly launched window to be opened maximized. and 2. If this window is minimized then restore it. Is there any class in Interop SHDocVw.dll, through which I can achieve this? Presently the opening behaviour is not certain,sometimes it opens as expected,but other times new IE window gets created but remains minmized. Also in a normal C# program this is achievable using 'User32.dll''s ShowWindow(..,..) function, but when I try to use this in my script I get syntex error at [DllImport.....]. can someone help me. thanks in advance. regards. KT.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I can use Process.Start(URL..) to open a simple URL, But my problem is that
1. I am also posting some data to that URL from my script,
2. then based on that posted data the server would do some action and redirect me to some page.
3. When I land into a particular page(that I identify using SHDocVw.InternetExplorerClass), I again have to post another request to the server and open the next page on the same IE window.

any clue how can I do this?

Thanks and Regards.

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