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[web] Best ASP 2.0 book

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Im starting to learn asp using the tutorials on and want to get a book on the topic. Im using asp with c# and want a learning book that will also be a good reference later. I'm using VSWD express since I only have XP Home edition without IIS and noticed that the DataGrid, DataSet, and OleAdapter stuff are missing, have these been ommited from the version im using. Also eventually Ill upgrade to XP Pro and just use Visual Studio 2003 how much of a difference is there in the long run between the Apps?

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There is a huge difference between the 2002/2003 versions and the 2005 version.


Really Big.

Once you have gotten used to the 2005 version, you will be annoyed with problems and differences in the 2002/2003 versions.

The entire structure of projects was completely rebuilt. The tools for data manipulation were amazingly improved. Countless common practices and annoying-to-write behaviors have been encapsulated in the new .net classes and in the 2005 wizards. Lots of bugs have been fixed. Performance has been improved. etc.

That being said, I have a collection of wizard-generated database interface files that are between 4 and 12 MB in size. Sure they do a *lot* of things, the wizard-generated controls have saved us probably six months to a year of manpower, and I love the convenience, but the size of those files tend to choke the system when we need to modify them. [grin]

Stick with 2005 express, or spend the relatively small amount of money for the 2005 version.

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