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music for your projects? never been easier and fairer

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hi there - we provide filmmakers/games developers with selected indie music. These are our features: - Free use of our music for no-profit and non-commercial films and GNU/Berkeley/OSI licensed games/software that are given away for free - Free testing of our music before your projects become commercial. (it means you get our music, you use it and test it as you wish, including pre-screening) - License music for commercial projects instantly and online. It means no more hassle to buy a license. It takes a few minutes only to license a track. An automatic control panel helps you to choose the song you need, pick the type of license you wish, get a quote, pay, download a WAV file and a legal agreement in just a few minutes. Click license next to any album name to get a quote. - free help with audio sampling, mastering, looping. - commission work from our artists/bands. - visit and you'll find free entire album streaming for 70 selected artists playing all sort of music genres and we add new artists every week. Any further enquiry do not hesitate to contact us. Frank

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