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Three Problem about .X file

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snakecjy    122
First , when using the XSkinExp.dle file to make .xfile from 3dsmax , there seems to be some texture losing problem if the texture on the object is a little complicated. Is there a .dle that can solve the problem??????? Or I have to write myself. Second , the parameter in the 3dsmax (such as specular level) , when make .xfile , is there something record the parameter???? I just want to set the material in the 3dsmax not in the code D3DXMATERIAL . So I can set different parts of my model different material , but if there is nothing record the parameter , how can I do it ?????? Third , I've heard some guys said that in 3dsmax 7 there is something convenient for making the .fx file. Where??? I can't find it , and my XSkinExp.dle only works in 3dsmax5 . how can I export model in 3dsmax 7????? Any answer is quite appreciate!!!! Thank you !!!!

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hplus0603    11356
First, you need to get an XSkinExp.dle from the latest DirectX SDK to get the later features. Go to MSDN and download the DirectX SDK APril 2006 release, and install the Max exporter from there.

Second, there is another exporter, called PandaSoft .X exporter, which you may find works better. For example, skinned animation was disabled when I last checked the DirectX version (back in December).

Third, the material information, if it's exported, would be in the "materials" information you get from calling CreateMeshFromX().

Fourth, to work with .fx files in 3dsmax, you should switch the set-up to use the Direct3D9 ViewportManager, and use the DirectX material rather than a standard material (if I remember correctly -- it's been a while).

Fifth, all of these questions could have been answered by reading the documentation for the DirectX SDK exporter, the documentation for the .X file loading functions in the DirectX SDK, and the documentation for 3dsmax.

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