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[C++] Checking if round was a Tie...need help [RESOLVED]

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Hello to whoever reads this, :) Im creating a text TicTacToe Game. Im at the point where I check whether 3 In-a-Row has been made or if the round ended up being a Tie. I've got the checking for 3-I-A-R done and it works. Im having problems with finding if the round was a Tie. My problem is, I don't know where to to start. My game board is a multi-dimensional array. I check the 3IAR part with a lot of if statements like this: if(game_board[0][0] == 'X' && game_board[0][1] == 'X' && game_board[0][2] == 'X' { player2_wins = true; } etc..... Thing is, I don't think I can do this for checking if there is a Tie. If anyone has any suggestions on how I would go about checking for a Tie, I would really appriciate a respone. Thank you. [Edited by - Koolchamp on May 19, 2006 3:54:07 PM]

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Well when you check for a win, you need to check whether any of the corresponding positions are equal:


If any of those triplets are the same piece then you have a winner. Otherwise it is a tie.

To code it, i would iterate through an array that stores these 8 lots of 3 numbers in chunks of 3.

Hope that helps,


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