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New site, new music

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I finally have a website to call my own, and have uploaded some of my original music. Three of the four pieces may be familiar to veterans of this forum, but the fourth, Wandering Mist, is new. Please stop by and have a listen: The site is still very spartan, but should be functioning properly. Any constructive feedback or quick comments would be appreciated. Thank you, and enjoy.

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Nice work getting some tunes done [smile]

None of them seem to have been designed with looping in mind, rather individual pieces.

Ancient Maze - I'm guessing this is the sort of track you might be listening to for a while then, if you were in a maze [wink]. Good job with the break down a couple of minutes in, breaks up the monotony.

sanctum_aquae - Makes me think of FFIX. Nice [smile]

sci-fi epic - it's pretty cool how it builds up, the crash after each of the symbols in the begining seems a little limp. The end reminds me a bit of one of the sequences tension used in a bond movie - I know that's not very helpful and I can't think of the Bond movie I'm thinking of. May be Diamonds Are Forever. Anyway it's cool.

Wayward Garden - a lot like the Ancient Maze, which makes sense! Probably my fav of the bunch.

Some of those pieces would fit well in to a game I played ages ago on the PC called "Sanitarium", with a bit of polishing.

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