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Using an ActiveX control (Shockwave Flash) in a Win32 (not MFC/ATL) C++ app

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I am having trouble finding information about how to embed an ActiveX control in a Win32 C++ app that is not using the MFC or ATL. Basically, I want something that says "here is the down-and-dirty C++ that needs to be written". Don Box's "Essential COM" does a great job for COM objects in general, but with ActiveX, there is much more responsibility on the part of the container. What I am trying to do is embed the Shockwave Flash player ActiveX object in my C++ game and be able to switch between it and DirectX quickly in game. Flash will provide intro movie, main menu, and in game menu, and DirectX renders the game. I have looked into GameSWF, but it looks poorly documented. Plus it seems a waste not to use this explicitly reusable component. Thank you

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