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ArcadEd Launches

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Just wanted to let all of you developers know that has launched and we have a lineup of about 11 games right now. We are still waiting on some arcade cabinet specific titles, but what we have decided to do is browse all over the net and find games that will work ok on the home arcade setup. With that in mind, we created a ranking system to show how cabinet friendly each game is. On top of that, we describe what is needed on your arcade cabinet to make each game work. We are also selling games directly through affiliates such as BMTMicro and Regnow. If your game is already setup like that, it's a snap for us to get it added. If you have any games that might fit well, please let us know. You can visit for more information and to contact us. Thanks, Ed [Edited by - ArcadEd on May 19, 2006 10:16:38 AM]

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