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MDX: DirectInput: Convertign absolute Coordinates

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Could somebody explain me how to convert absolute mouse coordinates to screen coordinates? Here is my Code:
     public Mouse()
            device = new Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput.Device(SystemGuid.Mouse);
            device.Properties.AxisModeAbsolute = true;

            pos = new Point();
            pos.posX = 512;  // For testing
            pos.posY = 368;

      override public void Poll()
            MouseState state = device.CurrentMouseState;
            pos.posX += state.X;
            pos.posY += state.Y;
            mouseButtons = state.GetMouseButtons();
But in pos.posX and posY are always values like 4852852 -34828358 2358283 8562836 5813851 3858235 2358888 -6353455 and so on. How can I get "the real" position? Thanks :-)

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