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JOGL getGL issue, Basic

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Probably a simple resolution to this one. I'm trying to do some slight porting of an app written in Java with JOGL on Linux. I'm working in Eclipse with JOGL setup on Windows. I've managed to get all the import errors worked out, but I'm having a very basic compile error: In my reshape method, the compiler compains that the line final GL gl = gLDrawable.getGL(); (where glDrawable is the GLDrawable passed to reshape) is calling a method undefined for type GLDrawable. A look at the Java docs revelas that indeed getGL is not defined for the interface - however, this is how I got references to the GL and GLU objects on Linux. What's the difference on Windows? Or is my setup just not correct? Mike

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isnt this the old version of JOGL?
maybe you have installed a new version on win. there are some interface-changes are applied.
i am working with the new version and it should be like this:

public void reshape(GLAutoDrawable drawable, int x, int y, int width, int height)

(in the new version, you can get the GL by GLU.getCurrentGL() )

i think, the old version is still availabe for windows...


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