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Using Python with MSVC 2005

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Has anyone tried to use python with new visual studio? I compiled some of my python projects using MSVC 2005 express edition, but once I run them I get debug assertion failure in python.dll I recompiled python by myself using MSVC 2005, but this didn't help. I still get runtime errors in the pyton.dll. I know that the most common problem with python is that if you compile it against different runtime libraries than your project is compiled, it won't work. But I checked this: both python.dll and my project are compiled against Multithreaded DLL library. Everything worked fine compiled with VC 2003. Does anyone know, how to make python work fine with VC 2005 ? Visual Studio debugger gives me following message: ------------------------------- Debug assertion failed! Expression: ("Invalid signal or error", 0); ------------------------------- Here is my call stack: msvcr80d.dll!1021338b() python24_d.dll!PyOS_getsig(int sig=5) Line 1657 + 0xc bytes C python24_d.dll!initsignal() Line 345 + 0x9 bytes C python24_d.dll!PyOS_InitInterrupts() Line 642 C python24_d.dll!initsigs() Line 1591 C python24_d.dll!Py_InitializeEx(int install_sigs=1) Line 214 C python24_d.dll!Py_Initialize() Line 283 + 0x7 bytes C [Edited by - glJack on May 20, 2006 1:41:22 PM]

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