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std::valarray and classes

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Hi, Has anyone used valarrays with classes and overloaded operators before in vs2005? I'm attempting to write a nicer version of some vertex blending code I wrote long ago using a valarray of vertex classes. I take one slice of the previous frame's vertices, another of the next frames and add them together with weighting.
//Setup a slice to extract previous frame's vertices from vertex valarray
slice PreviousFrameSlice(NumVerticesPerFrame*StartFrame,1,NumVerticesPerFrame);		
//Setup a slice to extract next frame's vertices from vertex valarray
slice NextFrameSlice(NumVerticesPerFrame*(StartFrame+1),1,NumVerticesPerFrame);	
//Calculate vertex blending amount

The class has the operators overloaded that I would have thought it needed:
//Vertex structure for use in models with only 1 set of texture coords
class ModelVertex
		float x;
		float y;
		float z;
		float TextureCoords[2];
		float Normals[3];

		//Overload * for scalar multiplication
		ModelVertex operator*(float K)
			ModelVertex NV;


			return NV;
		//Overload + for addition
		ModelVertex operator*(ModelVertex V)
			ModelVertex NV;


			return NV;	

But the code just won't compile, vc2005 comes up with:
.\src\CModel.cpp(128) : error C2678: binary '*' : no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'std::slice_array<_Ty>' (or there is no acceptable conversion) with [ _Ty=ModelVertex ]
Has anyone ever used valarrays with classes? It would seem to go against the whole stl/c++ philosophy if what you could do with base types in a valarray can't be done with objects.. Cheers Jamie

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Vertices[PreviousFrameSlice] gives a slice_array, whose members don't include an operator*. But valarray does have operator* so you could try something like
InBetweenedVertices = valarray<ModelVertex>(this->Vertices[PreviousFrameSlice]) * (1.0f-Amount) + valarray<ModelVertex>(this->Vertices[NextFrameSlice]) * Amount;
but the problem is that it only has operator* where both sides are of similar type (i.e. where one side is T and the other is valarray<T>, or both are valarray<T>) - so I think you'd have to declare something new like
template <typename T, typename S> inline valarray<T> operator*(const valarray<T>& a, const S& b) {
valarray<T> r(a.size());
for (size_t i = 0; i < r.size(); ++i)
r = a * b;
return r;
to make it work.

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