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DirectX programs

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adam23    164
I am working on a 2D rpg using DirectX. I am trying to share this file with some classmates and on the GameInstitue forums. Does anyone know what I need to package with it. I have the: TheJourney.exe background.wav And a folder with all my images in it. The program runs fine on my computer and a select few of others, but some people get a strange error that says: The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.

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jollyjeffers    1570
It depends which SDK you built your application against. You really should be distributing the runtimes and possibly D3DX components with your application.

The other machines will need the DirectX 9.0c runtime at least - but this is a basic part of WindowsXP SP2, so if you can guarantee it won't be used on any earlier OS's you can skip this part.

If you built against any of the SDK's since February '05 (any of the last 7 SDK's) then you'll also need to include the D3DX redistributable. The error you commented on sounds similar to what you'd get if you were missing the D3DX DLL's. The Redist folder in your SDK installation will contain the necessary files to build an installer.

Have a look at the 'Installing DirectX with DirectSetup' article in the SDK documentation. It'll give you the necessary information for building a redistributable package [smile]


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