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Unity Alternatives To Torque?

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I was looking at the various torque engine licenses. The reason I was looking was partly to make a game, and partly to have something on my resume; or even just the experience of working with a professionally made engine. It shows you know how to adapt to various software development kits for example. That being said I was wondering if anyone knows of any other powerful, stable, and ideally up to date engines. Some of the ones I have looked at are Irrlicht and HGE, along with the ones listed in this post. While that post is great it is only the "free" engines. Are there any non-free engines that offer what I am looking for, in a reasonable price range. (less then 200$ USD)

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Torque is definatly one of the best low cost engines around. The problem you will find with engines like Irrlicht is that it is just not as good as Torque. Irrlicht is great in that it is free and feely open source, but the capabilities of it are not that of the Torque engine. HGE is a good engine. I use it myself for my little 2D apps. But there really is the biggest downfall, it is only 2D. Also, it does not have a networking architecture.

Why exactly are you after a 'non-free' engine? For you to look good, you don't need to have an engine on your resume that you had to pay for. Take the Source engine, fantastic! It's free to work with, albeit not open source and you don't get 100% of the engine, but its incredibly professional.

There are many, many good engines about. If you up your price range a little bit by a few hundred dollars, I believe there are quite a few excellent engines that you can choose from.

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nuvem    326
There's also the C4 Engine I've heard mentioned on these forums, but never having used it, I can't really comment on it.

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AlbertoT    100
3D Game Studio is supposed to be the naural alternative to Torque
Less powerful (may be) but for sure much more user friendly
As stable as a rock

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WoolyLoach    122
Original post by AlbertoT
3D Game Studio is supposed to be the naural alternative to Torque
Less powerful (may be) but for sure much more user friendly
As stable as a rock

3DGS is improving by leaps and bounds and includes shader support, which you have to get TSE (at an extra cost) to have for Torque. That said, TGE has built-in ZIP file support (something you either need a third-party tool for with 3DGS or the nearly-a-grand Professional edition), and the networking in Torque is a bit better if you're planning on making (Yet Another) MMORPG or such. 3DGS comes with all the (basic) tools you need, while with Torque you'll need some extra goodies (most of which can be had for free, with various levels of quality).

I'm a TGE licensee and I'm probably going to upgrade my 3DGS A5 license to A6 (I own the Commercial version, one step down from the top). In my experience it's quicker to get a *basic game* up in 3DGS, although in some ways you'll hit the wall - and with TGE you have the source for the engine there to hack on if you want.

Each is actually better at certain things, depending on what you're trying to do. I'd never try to make an MMORPG or an RTS in 3DGS, but I could see many kinds of FPS and/or casual exploration games in 3DGS.

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gdgi    122
Depends on what you are looking for.

Do you need source code? If so, then the two main options you have are torque or C4.

If you aren't a programmer but are looking for an easy to use solution for creating games, then there are alternatives such as Game Studio or Beyond Virtual Indie (our own in-house game creation solution).

I'm obviously a bit biased towards BV Indie, but we have alot of the features that Indie's are simply not able to get access to in other affordable, easy to use engines (ie torque, gamestudio etc), such as Normal Mapping, HDR/Bloom, real-time physics etc.

We are also developing new features on an ongoing basis, and our own commercial projects are directly feeding the Indie version - something that not many of the other Indie engines seem to be doing.

For example, the upcoming release has a full terrain engine & editor, road editors (drag n drop roads), Network support, and much more.

You can find out more about Beyond Virtual & BV Indie at

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