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Blender extrusion problem

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Hi guys, I've downloaded Blender3D and got stuck into the tutorials. I've hit a snag, though, I just don't see what's wrong. Here's the page of the tutorial I'm looking at: Clicky Now, I'm doing exactly as I'm told. I want to do what they've done, that is to extrude the cube directly above the original, and snap it to the grid by holding down Control. But here's what I get: Clicky - image is 1440x900, so I didn't want to link it in directly Notice how I can only move the extrusion along that white line, which is at an angle, and even if I do hold down Control it snaps, but not directly to the grid squares (I'm not holding down Control there, it just happens to be freely hovering in the right place). How do I go about doing it so it matches the tutorial? I'm sure there must be a way to snap the extrusion directly above the original cube, and snap it properly to the grid lines, no? I'm tearing my hair out. I can't find the solution anywhere. Can any of you help? Thanks in advance.

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You've selected the wrong vertices.

You have a cube: 8 vertices. You want to select the 4 that are at the top of the cube. Because you are looking at an orthographic view (ie, it has no perspective), and you are looking directly at the side of the cube, you can only see four vertices, but for each of those, there is another vertex hidden directly behind it.
Make sure you know how to move the view around (hold down the middle mouse button and drag the mouse), and how to use the num-pad number keys 7, 1 and 3 to switch into a top, front and side view respectively.
Clear your project so you have just the one cube in the middle (if there isn't one, then add one). Then try rotating the view around the cube.
Switch into the front view, select the cube, and press the Tab key to switch into edit mode. Make sure no vertices are selected (press the 'A' key to select all vertices, and press it again to deselect them all), then use the box select tool ('B' key) to select the top four vertices. This means you want to draw a box around the top 2 vertices that you can see, because each of those is hiding another vertex behind it.
Then go back to trying the extrude tool.

John B

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