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The display command in SCHEME. :(

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Hi everyone, I've been having a war with Scheme and its display command. I've never really used it before and have been playing around with it a bit. But basically I'm using this display thing for something else and I just need a hint to put me in the right direction. Basically, I type in some words like "Hello sdjfk bye" And the program has a built in feature to individually analyse each word and say whether or not it recognises it in its dictionary it has on-board. So.. the program recognises "Hello" and it recognises "bye" but does not recognise the 2nd word which is "sdjfk". So, I have created a display programming thingie: Where I have said to enter nothing and hit enter if you want to accept teh word as it is. OR, type something else instead. When I type in something, it returns the word I have typed in and replaces the word... YAY. When I type in nothing and hit enter, I want it to return the word I am currently working on (because I have accepted the word). I thought I could just say to the display command to return the first of the word.. but it doesn't recognise that because it is a different command. Please help :(

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