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Composer seeks Games to Score - Any Genre. Available Now

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Hello all, I'm a broad spectrum composer and producer with experience in orchestral, electronic, and mainstream styles. I'm currently available to score a few game projects, and am hoping someone on this forum may find us a good match. My goal is always to compose music that fits a project both dramatically and aesthetically, and to elevate the images and action on the screen. I'd invite you to take a few minutes to listen to some audio samples of my work: http://davidtichy.com/reared.its.ugly.head_21.m3u http://davidtichy.com/silver.lining_24.m3u http://davidtichy.com/moving.on_22.m3u http://davidtichy.com/catalog_transom.singularity_75.m3u http://davidtichy.com/catalog_banging.asteroid.belts.gave.chase_60.m3u http://davidtichy.com/catalog_nitrous.system.activated_39.m3u http://davidtichy.com/catalog_slow.deep.punch.in.the.face_87.m3u You can find more on my web site: http://www.davidtichy.com/samples.htm I'll do everything in my power to give each element of your projects a compelling, atmospheric, original musical score that tightly binds the viewer to the characters and supports all of the action and elements on (and off) the screen. I've also been involved in many programming projects, so I feel uniquely suited to deliver music in a workable format for seamless integration into your game. Please send me a reply or contact me through my web site whenever is most convenient for you to learn more about me or further discuss how we might work together to serve your project. Thanks very much for your time and your consideration! I'd also love to hear comments, analysis, or anything else! Cheers, David

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Hey Dave,

Red Winter Studios is looking to hire music artists. We have invited a few other composers, one who is a professional composer, and another who is a guitar hobbyist.

Our sound department may soon consist of 4-5 artists (currently 2), all working together to produce quality sound for our latest project.

We are developing a military FPS game set in the near future in Russia. An introductory document will be given to members who join and stay with the team. It highlights more information about the project, our goals, and general info about the team.

I can tell you that we are made up of:
1. Darshan "Nex" Shankar Team Leader
2. Eric S. A Sound Designer (Ambient, environment, gunfire etc.)
3. Andrew Y. 3D Artist

A writer, concept artist, and a web designer are also being hired at the moment.
I listened to some of your pieces, and they were quite good. I hope you can work in coordination with the other artists in our sound department.

This project is intended to be long-term and quality is our focus.

We hope you consider joining Red Winter Studios. If you need more information, please email me at:

Thank you,

Darshan Shankar
Red Winter Studios,
Team Leader

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