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[.net] C# WinForms :: Semi-VS2005-Style User Interface?

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Okay, I started a file editor program in C#, VS 2005. It's a MDI application. That's no problem. I pretty much showed myself how to do it, because this isn't my computer, and it's the only one in the house that has internet. So I'm not online a whole lot. But what's wrong with learning on my own, huh? =P Anyhow, I have the basic user interface setup. I have a splitter on the main form, the left side includes the files in the project. Yeah, I'm writing a program that uses "projects". LoL. A friend of mine requested it, so I figured I'd give it a try. It's a new experience for me anyhow, especially with C#. =) And the right side, like Visual Studio, is where each document's form will go. It's just a form, with a RichTextBox control (docked to 'Fill'), with 'MdiParent' set as the main form, and 'Parent' is set to 'splitContainer1.Panel2'. I didn't know if that was the right way. But it does work, so I assume it's okay. =) It maximizes, minimizes, etc., okay. But it looks kind of dull. The form on the left side, where the file list goes, has a 3D border, and you can tell it's a separate form. But I was aiming for something more along the lines of Visual Studio, where it's just a flat title bar at the top (Solution Explorer window, BTW), and a tree-view below that. The one in VS doesn't look like a child form. So how do they do it? Is it a whole new kind of control, or can I do it myself? I just had an idea, just now. Is it maybe just a "Panel" control docked to the top? And a "TreeView" docked to 'Fill' or something? But maybe not, because when the Solution Explorer has focus and loses focus, that title bar grays out and looks active again. Could someone help me to figure this out please? If not, and if I'm going a little too far, just let me know. LoL. I'm sorry for the long post, but I explained it the best I could. I'm pretty sure everyone will at least have a good idea what I'm talking about. =) Thanks in advance, -- Matt U.

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