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Hey everybody! I've been lurking around the forums for a few weeks now and thought I'd share some of my music with you all. Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback you like. You can listen to my Demo Montage here: Demo Montage A few of my pieces are available royalty-free if you are looking for some music for you projects as well. Most of the tracks are high-quality orchestral works. Most of my music is created in Logic Pro 7 on the Mac. For the orchestral music I mostly use SAM Horns and Symphonic Brass as well as VSL, SI Strings and some Miroslav(especially for woodwinds). The prices range from $5.95 (short loops) to $29.95 (full tracks). A lot of the full tracks are $24.95 though I apologize for not being able to post direct links to these pieces. You have to search by style. Keep in mind that these pieces are lo-fi previews. Parts of these can be heard in the Demo Montage at a higher quality. NEO Sounds style: Classical The Barfly's Memory Waltz style: Orchestral The Oracle's Cave Flight of the Beast Taking Flight Americana style: Experimental Prayer I'll also have a CD of orchestral film/game music in all different styles available within the next month or two at Parterners in Rhyme It will be the Hollywood Soundtracks Vol.2 availabe for royalty-free use at $99.95 Hollywood Soundtracks also comes with 400 sfx for free. [Edited by - JGeer on May 21, 2006 12:53:53 PM]

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