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MDX, Light mapping

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Hello, I've been working on a chess game, I use two lights to light up my chessboard and its chess pieces. I want my chess pieces to reflect shadows. I've been searching on google and some forums for a good tutorial how to do this in without any luck. The code for lights [CODE] Private Sub CreateLights() Device.Lights(0).Type = Direct3D.LightType.Directional Device.Lights(0).Direction = New Vector3(0, -150, -150) Device.Lights(0).Position = New Vector3(0, 150, 150) Device.Lights(0).Enabled = True Device.Lights(1).Type = Direct3D.LightType.Directional Device.Lights(1).Direction = New Vector3(0, 150, 150) Device.Lights(1).Position = New Vector3(0, -150, -150) Device.Lights(1).Enabled = True End Sub [/CODE] Here's how it looks at the moment I want it to look something like this ttp:// (Both pictures are using the same modells, the last one is in 3Dmax).

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