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How to make a screen saver from GLUT?

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Hello All I am being reading the red Book for a Quite long time and i liked some examples in it and i want to turn them into a Screen Saver how can i do that .. Thanx in advance

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sorry i dont think its posible ive gonna add a screensaver part to my opengl appwizard but thats not at least for another week.
though u could try it by yourself screen savers aint that difficult. hhhmmmm might even do that before i do the win32 part


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A screensaver is activated with different cmdline parameters by windows according to which function is needed at present time. A screensaver is an exe file renamed to scr.

I''m sorry but I can''t remember the parameters, but they are used to:
Activate screensaver (/s??)
Activate configuration (/c??)
Activate password configuration (/a??)
probably more?? - msdn has documentation about making a screensaver.

The question has been answered numerous times, just do a search on the board with the keyword "Screensaver"

btw. this only works with widows... :=)

Søren Olesen

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I built a skeleton application a long time ago to answer the multitude of requests for this: it''s available at


or download the zip at:


just replace the teapot drawing code with your choice of nice effect.

have fun, play nice and share with your friends,

//-- Modelling and animation in every dimension --//

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