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Action Fantasy (Gold System, Suggestions needed)

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Hi, Im thinking of Creating a Fantasy Action FPS. I realy want to keep the game design as simple as possible, to make the development of the game feasable, Ive weeded out a whole bunch of things to keep it simple with the help of posters on game dev. Right now Its Choose one of 5 Races, Choose one of 5 Classes, Each Class has 7 skills to choose from, And then start playing a Multi-Player only, No NPC's FPS. One Kept feature is in game grouping. And theres nothing more to the game maps than the Terrain But even as it is, It isnt a Pet project, But even still one thing I want to keep in mind, In the design docs it will be a Optional, If feasable design feature is the Ability to use gold in the game and have out of game shopping. One thing I love about some games is shopping. (Shop between game launches, Suppose each game had a 30kill point limite, between new games there could be a 1 minute count down to shop.) I would think that each time you start a new game you would be handed 100gp. And in between games you would have the chance to shop. When you die during a game you would drop a random, 5 - 15% of the Gold you are carrying and another player could pick it up. Suppose youve emased 220gp during a game then you die.. you could loose about 10 - 40 gold on death for another player to pick up. So.. My question for all of you who wouldnt mind giving some sugestions would be what items could they buy. Keeping in mind Armor upgrades are only good if it doesnt mean creating new models.. Keep in mind that the design should be simple and the shopping should follow the same guidlines. A few things im thinking of would be. Healing and Mana Potions Scrolls for Any Class,(Click inventory and use scroll once) Such as "Strength" (Do double Damage for 10 seconds) "Speed" (Run twice as fast for 20 seconds) "Shadow Step" (Teleport to spawn area) Etc (expesnive) Flame Blade.(Or reinforced blade, so you dont need to create the special effects). Gain 25% more damage during game play (Upgrade once) (expensive) Armor reinforcements ( Gain 25% more Armor protection (Upgrade once)) Or even Magic items like you would find in D&D Boots of speed (Ranger/Rogue only) (Gain double running speed for 10 seconds.. used once every 5 minutes.) Cloak of invisibility (Rogue/Ranger only) (Turn invisible for 10 seconds, Used once every 5 minutes) Ring of protection (+15% Armor protection) Bow of speed (Fire 25% faster) etc Or anything else you can think of.. Any sudjestions would be much appreciated. thank you. [Edited by - Sandman on May 22, 2006 1:57:10 PM]

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An obvious thing would be rings/amulets that grant various effects, since nobody would be upset if their model didn't adjust to show the new item (and most wouldn't even notice). Get rid of the 'one ring on each hand and only one amulet' rule, and you could just call everything a ring and allow however many you want.

As far as the effects, I'm working on my own idea right now and just went through PlanetDiablo gathering item effects.

I generalized some of the effects but not others (for no particular reason =-) and put all of them in my own words:
@@ Increases:
+ Attribute
% Movement Speed
+% Defense (Optionally Limited [2])
+% Block Chance (Optionally Limited [2])
+% Hit Chance (Optionally Limited [2])
+%Damage (Optionally Limited [2])
% Durability (up to Indestructable)
+% Life/Mana/Stamina (Optionally Triggered [1])
+% Life/Mana/Stamina Regen (Optionally Triggered [1])
+% Spell Charges
+% Visibility
+ Skill/Spell Level
% Gold Drop Size
% Chance of Finding Magic Items
% Attack Speed
% Block Speed
% Hit Recovery Speed
% Casting Speed

@@ Additional Effects
+% Resist/Absorb Elemental Damage [3]
+% Elemental Damage [3]
% Steal Life/Mana (Triggered [1])
+% Attack Pierces Armor
+% KnockBack
+ Attackers Take Damage
+% Absorbs Trap Damage
% Attacker is Slowed
% Chance to Multiply Damage
% 1x Damage User & Multiply Damage
% Slows/Stun Target (Triggered [1])
% Chance to Cast Spell (Triggered [1])
% Mana Absorbs Some Damage
% Reduced Negative Effect Duration
% Prevent Target Heal (Triggered [1], On Hit)
% Reduce Target's Armor (Triggered [1], On Hit)
% Chance Target Flees (Triggered [1], On Hit)
% Chance Blinds Target (Triggered [1], On Hit)
% Chance to do damage equal to % of Target's Life (Triggered [1], On Hit)

___(any bonus listed) Per Level

+ Extra Sockets
+% Increased Stack Size (More Ammo)
% Reduced Requirements

[1] Triggered = When Hit, On Hit, On Equip, On Level Up, On Death, On Kill
[2] Limited = vs Attack/Defense Type or Creature Class
[3] Elements = {Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison, Physical}
The prefix "+" means a flat bonus is possible, while % indicates a percentage bonus is possible. Both mean either one is allowed.

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You could have "Blessings" or such. These would be a "Buff" that lasts for the next game cycle (ie untill the next time you shop). This would allow players to gain a powerful buff until the end of that round. This is a good mony sink that allows a begining player (ie one without a lot of equipment) to stand toe to toe with a more experenced player, but at the cost of long term power.

So now the players have a game play (strategic) choice, either to get a short term boost, or slowly build up for a long term bonus.

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Great posts. I think that diablo style items could be used greatlt.. And i love the idea of blessings. that last for the next game.. It would keep players from maxing out there buffs.

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