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Data Member Reorganization

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In C++ I have:
typedef Scalar double;

namespace Mathematics
	class Vector
		Scalar x;
		Scalar y;
		Scalar z;
		Scalar oldMagnitudeSquared;
		Scalar magnitude;
		Scalar saved_sin;
		Scalar saved_cos;
		Scalar saved_sin_magsquared;
		Scalar saved_cos_magsquared;
member functions

Can I assume that the doubles x, y, and z will be sequential in memory, or might the compiler reorganize things?

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You can assume that x, y and z are sequentail in memory. However, there's no guarentee that z and oldMagnitudeSquared will be. The standard does not require compilers to place data members with different access modifers sequentailly
(though most do).

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