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Building a gameboy advance-type game from scratch?

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Hey all, my first post on here, I was just curious as to how much work it would involve to build a game similar to 'The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap' for the gameboy advance. I am not a complete noob as I've done a very small amount of programming for Medal of Honour Allied Assault and Half Life 2 but only on a personal basis. Is there a program I could use which could help me out? If anyone could point me in the direction of some good tutorials or even just offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers in advance, Jon.

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A gameboy advance game, or a gameboy advance-type game?

For a game "similar to what you'd find on GBA" I'd suggest looking into SDL

For an actual GBA game, check out GBA Dev (Google is your friend)

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Hardware needed:
~ If you want, some GBA Flash cartridge that you can use to put your homebrew games on.
Of course you could ditch this and test on emulators first.

Software needed:
~ DevKitARM. Check this out
~ A C or C++ editor/IDE. (Visual C++ Express recommended, you can find installation info at the above website)

Knowledge needed:
~ You should be able to program in the C++ language. C can also be used, but it's recommended to use C++. C is a bit outdated.
~ You also need to learn to program the with the DevKitARM. You'll find lots of tutorials on their site and in the documentation.
~ Visit and

(Possible) Steps to succeed:
1) Get yourself Visual C++ Express.
2) Install it.
3) Learn to program with C++. (Might take a while)
O) ptional step, learn to program games with PC libraries first. (Mtaw)
4) Learn to program games with GBA library (mentioned above). (Mtaw)

Here's a warning though: programming is nothing like scripting. Well, the lines may look a like, but there's more to coding. You'll have to learn about the environment also like how to make a release build instead of a debug build with your compiler.
Anyway, I wish you much luck!

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Thankyou all very much, this is a realy ambitious project and is going to invovle alot more work than I imagined, to what extent would my knowledge of coding have to be like? And what are the pc and gba libaries? Thanks

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