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Printing a bitmap in MFC

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I am currently writing an application that requires me to print a bitmap to a printer. While I have gotten rendering to work fine in the window, I am having some problems printing to a printer. I can do stuff like line drawing, rectangles and the like, but not bitmaps. My current approach has been to draw to a bitmap, then create a DIB section and call StretchDIBits() using the printer's DC (in OnPrint()). Here is my code from OnPrint:
CPGSkinsDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();

	//Get the bitmap to be drawn
	CBitmap* pSourceBMP = pDoc->m_MyBmp.GetRotatedBmp();

	//Create a DIB section of this bitmap
    pSourceBMP->GetObject( sizeof(DIBSECTION), &ds );

	//fill in the BITMAPINFO with information from the DIB section
	BITMAPINFO bitmapinfo;
    ZeroMemory(&bitmapinfo, sizeof(bitmapinfo));
    bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biSize = sizeof(bitmapinfo.bmiHeader);
	bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biWidth = ds.dsBm.bmWidth;
	bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biHeight = ds.dsBm.bmHeight;
	bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biPlanes = ds.dsBm.bmPlanes;
    bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biBitCount = ds.dsBm.bmBitsPixel;
    bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biCompression = BI_RGB;

	int width, height;
	width = ds.dsBm.bmWidth;
	height = ds.dsBm.bmHeight;

	CDC DrawmeDC;
	CDC SourceDC;
	void* bits;
	HBITMAP dibsection = CreateDIBSection(DrawmeDC.m_hDC, &bitmapinfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS, &bits, NULL, 0);
	CBitmap DrawMeBmp;
        //Select this bitmap into a DC
	CBitmap* pOldBitmap = SourceDC.SelectObject(&DrawMeBmp);

	DrawmeDC.BitBlt(0,0, width, height, &SourceDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY );

	//Stretch DIB
	//letter paper
	int rval = StretchDIBits(pDC->m_hDC, 0, 0, 850, -1100, 0, 0, width,    height, 
		bits, &bitmapinfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS, SRCCOPY);

	if( rval == GDI_ERROR ) {
		TRACE( _T("Something wrong in StretchDIBits().\n") );

        //clean up...

When I do this, there is no GDI error, and neither my bitmap handle or bits pointer are NULL. If instead of doing a BitBlt I do stuff like LineTo or Rectangle, stuff does get drawn. But this code just makes a big black area.

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