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Mapping the Values in to Buffer

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Hai Associates, I have been working on the retrieving text data from the XML string. I am using tinyxml_2_3_3 parser.I have used the following APIs to get the data void Load() { TiXmlDocument Doc; Doc.Parse(your_string); RecurseTree(&Doc); } void RecurseTree(TiXmlNode *pNode) { printf("%s\n", pNode->Value()); TiXmlNode *Child = pNode->FirstChild(); for(; Child; Child = pNode->IterateChildren(Child)) RecurseTree(Child); } By using it i am able to print the contents of the string. But i should have to copy the values from pNode->Value() in to a single buffer which should be returned to calling function. The following is my XML string. <rx-event> <topic>Mgmt</topic> <subtopic>645268923afce</subtopic> <context>PubSubComm-3</context> <params> <rx-status>ok</rx-status> <column1>Hello</column1> <column2>412</column2> <column3>Welcome to</column3> <column4>India</column4> </params> </rx-event> I have to copy some specific values in to buffer only. I require the values of the following elements. column1,column2,column3,column4 i.e Hello, 412,Welcome to, India to be copied. Please suggest me away to copy our required values only.

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