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OpenGL can opengl compete DirectX in 2D browsing?

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I have a application written in DirectX in Windows9X platform which is a fast image browser to show the large image sent by earth resource satellite. With the help of DirectX''s direct memory accessing, this application is feasible to show the downloading procedure of sdatellite''s data through microwave path(very huge and quick download path). Now my institute want to transfer the system from windows family to linux platform. I wonder whether this application can be transfered smoothly. Only the speed and function in processing BITMAP alike data is the feature i care. How about opengl''s 2D performance? Any guru can unpuzzle it to me? Rome could''''t be built in a day, but did ruin in one day.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
If you want to display a bitmap in OpenGL with high framerate do you have to create texture objects. The normal bitmaps functions is slow.

I am not sure if I understand the requirements but I would test this:
Create a number of texture objects when initiating
Update the textures when bitmap data is downloaded

The memory management of texture objects is slow so that is the reason to create them first.

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