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Stupid programs

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Alright, this is the 4th version of Netscape 6 that I''ve downloaded: release version 6.01. I tried Navigator and Composer all afternoon yesterday - you''d think that after all this time Netscape would get something right. If I maintained a meticulous bug count from yesterday, it would be well above 200. Basically, 1. Navigator and Composer are slow and unresponsive, to the point of being unusable. 2. Composer stinks - it messes up the HTML tags _constantly_ and the text selection code is diabolical. And where are the Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons? 3. Navigator''s install-to-crash ratio is growing larger. It took an hour to download and install, and only two seconds to crash. 4. Navigator leaves garbage in the browser window when you change pages, which makes the dialog boxes and menus look terrible. 5. They always open new windows directly over the old ones! Those are the things that annoy me the most. The only thing I liked about either of them is Navigator''s ability to display partially loaded pages as they are being loaded, which is helpful in the forums. <rant size="tiny"> If Netscape 6 is open source, then may I never release or even use an open source project. Let''s all hope the software world doesn''t turn into an infinite conglomeration of Linux-like version numbers and half-baked releases! *groan* That stupid browser just messed up the text in this edit box again - now it doesn''t even track the text cursor position correctly. </rant> Any other examples of stupid programs?

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1. NetSheep isn''t slow, your computer is slow
2. Yeah, the text selection is really bad..
3. It took only 10 minutes to download and install... (cable )
4. You get used to it.
5. I love it when a new window opens exactly over the old one!
(I wish that Exploder did that!)

NetSheep is open source.
But open source does NOT mean that a product is bad.
And why would you never release or try an open source product because just one product is bad?
Windows is buggy, but you''re still "buying" commercial programs?

Take a look at SourceForge and try for example the Nebula Engine (very well coded!)
Or the GIMP?
OK, most open source programs look different but it doesn''t mean they''re bad...

Yes, I''ve got an example of a stupid program: Internet Exploder.
Because it crashes at least 3 times a day (takes the whole computer down ).

NetSheep crashed 1 time today and it did not crash my whole computer (bsod)

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You have complaints about one or the other... Ever tried having both installed on one computer at the same time? *evilgrin*

Then you should try running one instance of each. Now press the reset button...

I''m probably going to get lynched for this: I''ve found Win95 to be a stable OS that doesn''t crash on me, loads quickly, and allows me to do what I need to do.

I just saw that Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows NT.... Windows CEMENT joke, gotta love it

Faradhi Sobriet-Treves
Press to test... *click* Release to detonate...

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(Hey, it''s a rant; don''t expect it to be logical. I''m just tired of reinstalling Linux again (and again (and again...)).)

My computer:

AMD K6-2 450 MHz
256 MB of PC133 SDRAM (CAS2)
UDMA-66 Hard Drive
ATI Rage Fury w/ 32 MB SDRAM

It''s not the fastest computer, but it''s certainly not slow enough to make a simple HMTL editor like Composer unusable. FrontPage 98 Express works much faster and doesn''t have most of those problems. When I say responsiveness, I am not talking about download speeds. I mean the fact that the drop-down menus are jerky when Netscape 6 is the only app running, and the mouse clicks do not register sometimes or the characters are being copied to the screen at an even slower pace than my typing (and that is slooowwww).

Windows Me hasn''t crashed my computer since I bought it, with the exception of PowerTweak fiasco. I still don''t know where all these IE crashes are coming from... IE doesn''t crash my computer.

Oh, and I''m still waiting for the Opera site to load - you know, the one that says "Opera - the fastest browser on earth!"

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So, here comes my list:

Netscape - Why bother downloading such a bullshit browser when you have a 10x better, faster and feature richer browser on your PC already installed ?

WineME - After 2K is out, why messing around with this awful, buggy, featureless, crappy and unstable OS ?

AOL - The name says it all ;-)


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Hey null_pointer, it says fastest browser , not fastest server

[edit] I seem to have trouble with HTML tags today

Edited by - Muzzafarath on February 13, 2001 2:46:14 PM

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Yeah, I know. But the fastest browser on earth is located on the slowest server.

I like Opera but it doesn't seem to fill in my passwords automatically. Does anybody know how to fix this?

WinMe is better than Win2K.

Edited by - null_pointer on February 13, 2001 5:52:35 PM

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IE doesn''t only crash many times it also gives me nice dialogs saying that "one" window will be closed...
(and all open windows are gone after clicking OK)

But why are you using Composer or Frontpage for creating a page/site?
1st Page 2000 (free) is MUCH better!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
For the sake of argument...

I have both Netscape and IE and I ALWAYS use IE. I am not particularely Pro-Microsoft or Pro-Netscape for that matter, but I know which is the better product, by far. People should evaluate what is the best product for the job, not which company is preferred.

Also, problems with crashing are often problems with configuration. My computer is running Win98 with IE55 (go ahead, laugh) but it literally NEVER crashes. Sometimes it depends on what software you use (Visual C++.... *shudder*) but often you simply have to resist the erge to download every demo and beta program on the face of the earth... it is surprising how many don''t perform a clean uninstall. Either that, or don''t complain when your computer crashes constantly. MS can''t be held responsable for other peoples'' programs screwing with the operating system.

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