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Mister Stewart

2d graphics prob

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I am using MSpaint in my 2d games, but for some reason the colors are all messed up whenever I run them. The bitmaps are 8 bit. I don''t think it''s the code, but tell me, does it matter which paint package I use. I keep hearing/reading about how PaintShop Pro is the Mutts Nutts, so should I go with that? Which package do you guys use/recommend? Thanks. I do not have to destroy, because I do not fear.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Well Mr. Stewart, your problem is probably becuase the palette is not included in your graphics files. Perhaps you need to save the palette into a file, load it into memory in your program, and flush it into your video memory to make it the active palette. That should put your pictures in their proper colors. Of course PSP, Photoshop, and Corel Photopaint are my three favorite to work with, and whether you like Allegro or not, Allegro comes with a file called FixPal which is very handy to make an optimized palette for all the graphics that you may have. I use Photoshop because I can have a file that is 8-bit indexed palette using the palette from my game and I can draw a graphic using RGB color, copy it, and paste it into the indexed palette picture, and Photoshop will automatically quantize the colors down to the closest match of colors. It will also "pattern" the colors if the desired color is equally close to two or more colors. At any rate, I''d recommend Photoshop, PSP, or Corel.


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