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Graphic problem

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Ok, here''s the deal. I want graphics into my program. I don''t care how bad it looks. As far as I know I got two options. 1. Write a DOS program that uses one of the many graphics libraries out there. 2. Learn win32, then learn DX or OpenGL. The Problems 1. I personally own MSVC++, but i can''t make graphics in it (only win32). So I decided to download one of the free compilers on the net. I''ve tried them all, DJGPP, Borland, Dev-C++, etc. The problem is at some point they wont work. DJGPP worked fine until I tried to compile some graphic code, Borland 5.5 worked to the point when I tried to compile something larger than a helloworld program. When I downloaded Bloodshed''s Dev-C++, I thought "Wow, this looks nice", Then I tried to compile some more graphical code in a DOS console app, but it didn''t work. 2. I''ve just got a pretty good grip on C++, but I don''t think I''m ready to start programming the win32 API.I''m told it is hard to do it, and that DX is also hard. Is there a third option? Do you think I should begin with win32? Is there an easy-to-set-up DOS compiler? Is the Dev-C++ console app win32 or DOS? Does anybody have any advice on graphics programming? Any advice are greatly appreaciated. Lalle

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For a long time, too, I thought it might be good to beat around the bush and try to do DOS graphics before jumping into Win32.

Unfortunately, I found setting up/using things like DJGPP and Allegro almost nullified the effort, and that since DOS/Win are very different, going just for DOS isn''t worth it.

I recommend:

Get a nice C/C++ reference.
Pick up Windows Game Programming for Dummies, Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus (both by LaMothe), and/or Game Programming with DirectX 7.0 (Ian Parberry).

For Win32, set up VC++ and go to for a very nice simple introduction to Windows.

It doesn''t seem nearly as bad once you realize Windows is just:

A Message Handler
WinMain (usually includes registering a class, and making a window)


DirectX is hard, though, but places like this make the easier DirectX 8 make things a lot less painful.

But trust me, making the jump from text programs to graphics makes it all worth it.

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