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Psyguy Games presents Tetratris 1.1

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Tetratris 1.1 www.PsyguyGames.com Download Tetratris 1.1 here (4.5MB) Made by Mike Doty Some of you may have played Tetratris; I released it a little less than one year ago. I have recently completely an upgraded version that offers several nice enhancements and a couple of small bug fixes. Overview Tetratris takes the original concept of Tetris and multiplies it many times over. It includes 5 distinct game modes and a bonus obstacle mode to ensure that your Tetratris experience remains diverse for as long as you play. Experience the insanity as pieces approach from any of 4 different directions. Alternatively, you can relax and enjoy the classic version of Tetris or try other challenging modes such as Twintris, which requires you to control two grids with the same set of keys! Eliminate rows in rapid succession to achieve combos which gain you bonus points and, if your combo grows long enough, additional time to place the pieces! Fully customizeable controls allow you to get a perfect feel for piece movement and placement. All you need is skill and determination!
Game modes included: Classic Mode - Just like the original. Rubik's Mode - At increasingly frequent intervals, a section of the grid will rotate 90 degrees. Tetratris (4-way) - The centerpiece of the game; manage pieces that come from any of 4 different directions and intersect in the middle of the screen. Trippy! Twintris - Easily the most difficult mode of Tetris you'll ever play; if you can begin to master this, you'll gain an immense amount of satisfaction. Time Attack - At increasingly frequent intervals, the entire grid of pieces moves up one step. Don't let them reach the top!
Enhancements Tetratris 1.1 allows you to customize every aspect of the game's appearance. Besides having the chance to select from any background you'd like, you can also change the appears of each piece. If you want the T-shape to be green, make it green. If one shape's color doesn't blend well with the background you've chosen, change it to a color that presents a better contrast. Tetratris 1.1 will remember your settings for the next time you play, of course!
Example Settings: Ranging from beaches to beds of roses and everything in between, you'll find a setting that matches your interests perfectly.
Minor bug fixes / game changes I fixed a couple of small bugs that could cause performance problems on a small number of computers. The game now runs solidly on any computer; I can even enjoy it on an old 400! :) I also slightly modified Tetratris (4-way) mode. Previously, you could continue playing until each of the 4 grids reached the top. Unfortunately, I became aware that this made the game last a seemingly interminable length of time; thus, your game now ends when any one of the four grids reaches the top. This definitely adds an increased sense of desperation to the central mode of Tetratris! Conclusion I really enjoy this game, and I still play it pretty much every day. Granted, I'm a bit of a Tetris freak, but you'll enjoy playing the game. You won't find many tetris-style games with this amount of variety and innovation; some of the game modes really make you think. Thanks for playing!

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