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Engine Design Questions

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I have a general question regarding design... Basically is there is a preferred method of attack when choosing a format. Currently I am still learning about the graphical end of things in programming, but I feel confident enough to design the overall game mechanics for an RPG game(I.E character development, Combat System, Interaction and Storyline + necessary classes to implement these) My questions are.. Is this a good way to do things while I work on the graphics process and/or decide when Im further on to get help? Is there a drawback to trying to interface the 3D or Isometric Engine at a later date (still undecided on that one). Can this be effectively done and/or is it a common practice? thx for all advice ...

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Well thats what Im doing at the moment... I''m learning c++ directx and game progin, but I am implementing the classes and logic for my rpg now, and as I get more and more comfortable with directX (I''m up to page flipping in dd now, but still dont feel entirely comfortable with it all - more practice is needed)
, I''m going to implement graphics and stuff into the program - using a console to test the logic until i can do so.

Can anyone tell me if there''s an easy way to get comfortable with directX besides lots of practice? hehe i wish

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Thx for the reply... I spoke to a graphics Instructor at school this morning and he seemed to feel it was a very plausible solution. He also suggested doing what you are doing now to verify the mechanics of the game .. so it seems you are on the right track too. All input /suggestions still welcome


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