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Trouble initializing D3D

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Hello everyone, I''ve recently started learning Direct3D (Been using OpenGL for almost a year now). I''m having trouble setting up the vertices for a triangle. I''ve posted the code I''m using below, it''s almost cut and paste from the D3D tutorials in the DX7 Docs, yet it doesn''t compile worth a damn. //// Code //// int InitScene(void) { D3DVECTOR p1( 0.0f, 3.0f, 0.0f ); D3DVECTOR p2( 3.0f,-3.0f, 0.0f ); D3DVECTOR p3(-3.0f,-3.0f, 0.0f ); D3DVECTOR vNormal( 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f ); // Initialize the 3 vertices for the front of the triangle d3dvTriangle[0] = D3DVERTEX( p1, vNormal, 0, 0 ); d3dvTriangle[1] = D3DVERTEX( p2, vNormal, 0, 0 ); d3dvTriangle[2] = D3DVERTEX( p3, vNormal, 0, 0 ); // Initialize the 3 vertices for the back of the triangle d3dvTriangle[3] = D3DVERTEX( p1, -vNormal, 0, 0 ); d3dvTriangle[4] = D3DVERTEX( p3, -vNormal, 0, 0 ); d3dvTriangle[5] = D3DVERTEX( p2, -vNormal, 0, 0 ); return(1); }

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Presumably you are using the DX7 SDK and not DX8? That code won''t compile with the DX8 SDK. Plus I presume the d3dvTriangle[] array does exist? Plus you could check the vertex format matches with the primitive drawing calls and the d3dvTriangle[] array (x,y,z,ny,nz,tu,tv = D3DFVF_XYZ | D3DFVF_NORMAL | D3DFVF_TEX1 in DX7).

( Sorry for the patronizing questions )

If it''s none of those things then what compiler errors are you getting?

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