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Calling TANSTAAFL!! Need help re FOSDL src

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Dear TANSTAAFL, I'm trying to get a handle on your SDL framework code and CPoint seems to be broken. Here's the build output when I try to compile CPoint.cpp using gcc on gentoo linux: Cpmpiling file: Point.cpp... g++ -Wall -g -c "Point.cpp" -o "Point.o" Point.cpp: In function `CPoint operator*(int,CPoint&)': Point.cpp:243: error: no matching function call to `CPoint::CPoint(CPoint)' Point.cpp:12: note: candidates are: CPoint::CPoint(CPoint&) Point.cpp:6: note: CPoint::CPoint(int, int) seems something is amiss with the constructors for CPoint. Are you aware of this? Is there updated src available for FOSDL? Btw...I get the same error on Windows using VC++ 2005 Express. Also 2003 .NET and DevC++ too. Appreciate a nudge in the right direction. It's hard enough to get a grip on C++ without having to deal with example code that doesn't "example". <grin> Regards, grofaz

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Original post by agi_shi
I haven't the slightest clue of what FOSDL is, but:

// should be
CPointer(const CPoint&);

FOSDL is TANSTAAFL's book "Focus on SDL."

I'll try your recommendation.


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