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New approach to programming??????

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What do you think about "open source" game programming like Linux. One group would program lets say, water and the way it acts with the environment, another group, human movement, another group, weather and atmospheric conditions. They would constantly be refined and could all be brought together. I would love to know what everyone thinks about this. Thanks.:-)

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It all sounds kinda nice, and it''s already done. (there''s an opensource flight sim project, can''t remember the name.. sorrz). The problem is, how do you koordinate everything? See, you can''t just let someone write the water rendering code and then just plug it in... To get good performance, it has to fit to the rest of the programm, and that''s the hard part..

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This is happening to small extent on a large scale with the Quake games, UT, Half Life, etc, but not as much as Linux.

It would be good if a game was open source, but the problem is that all open source games are very similar to my project: not widely played!

If a commercial game was open source, then many people would be constantly trying to outdo the game code, and they COULD, because they _COULD_ concentrate on just 1 tiny aspect, and get it better than the professional coders.

Every so often, the company could round up all the code that is good and release it as a patch. It could actually save them lots of money on patch making =)

But who wants to give away their whole 2 years of hard coding?

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