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How the fuck do I use gluPerspective

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Ok I''ve searched this board for half an hour and I have yet to find anyone actually say how you use this function. THey just say oh use this and it will work. I recall someone posting this in my last topic but it coveniently cant be found. Basically if I was using vec3_t pos for the clients position and the same view rotation as the diput tut what would I pass to the function?

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gluPerspective( double fovy, double aspect, double near, double far )

fovy - The angle of the field of view on the y axis in degrees

aspect - Aspect ration of the frustum. Usually ends up being the width of the viewport in pixels divided by the height of the viewport in pixels.

near - near clipping plane

far - far clipping plane

What is the problem?

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There''s this ''Win32 API Reference'' help file out there and it shows how to use every single windows, d3d, and opengl function. Isn''t that just great? I don''t know where your supposed to get it, but it is at the bottom of http://www.bloodshed.net/dev/index.html
in ''Additional help files''. It probably comes with VC but I don''t use it so I really don''t know.

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