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Collision Detection in a GTA style game

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Hi, everybody I''ve been trying to create a GTA-ish game for some time now, but ran into one big problem: Collision Detection. Could anybody explain me how to do is in a simple way in a gta-ish game. --- marius http://fr.ee/linux

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Grand Theft Auto.

GTA is essentially a 2D game with a 2D map. Therefore you could have a Quadtree holding your map. Buildings would be held in the leaves and they would be set out as a series of rectangles (In GTA they are always axis aligned). This would be easy to do collision detection on and you''d get the benefit of only drawing whats on the screen for virtually free.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Ok buddy. I know what you mean and I can help.
Here''s an example for ya.
Let''s say that two cars (carA and carB) have the coordinates carAX, carAY, carBX, carBY. (I hope you use arrays if you have a multitude of cars) This is an example for if your cars are the exact same size in pixels. And let''s say they are 100x100 pixels.

To detect a collision:

/* Detect with X coordinates */
if ((carAX <= carBX && (carAX+100>=carBX)) ||
((carAX+100)<=(carBX+100) && (carAX+100)>=carBX))

/* If there is an X collision, detect a Y collision */
if ((carAY <= carBY && (carAY+100>=carBY)) ||
((carAY+100)<=(carBY+100) && (carAY+100)>=carBY))

This is just a simple example.


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I belive GTA uses 2 dimesional collision detection.
So it checks for which tile is in the man''s/car''s direction in the map:



const float piover180 = 0.0174532925f;
float distance;//distance ahead to check
//from man
int angle; //angle of man or car to move
//in degrees
POINT position;//position (on screen) to be checked
//for tile

position.x = sin(angle*piover180) * distance;
position.y = cos(angle*piover180) * distance;

end code.

-You might know this already. If you don''t I hope you can use it I don''t now have time for more spec.infor.



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I think I remember gta used a height-map.
so it''s actually some kind of 2d/3d mixture. that means there are no walls etc. blocking objects are actually just very high grounds.
so you might wanna save the current height and when the player tries to enter another tile check if it''s at the same height.
gets more difficult when driving a car, though... since cars take up more space than one tile


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i havent properly implemented my collisons in my game yet (its also a gta like game) but when i do, theyll be using "line crossing another line" detection, rather than points on the vehicle, as its not accurate and effective enough for me

i forget the name of this vector/plane crossing method, maybe someone can remind me

graham "red" reeves.


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