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Converting keycodes/scancodes into ascii?

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I''ve found a tutorial on the Gamedev side. Here''s the code.
dwScancode - This is your scancode. (e.g. from DirectX)
iResult - The ASCII-code.

short ConvertScancodeToASCII(DWORD dwScancode, USHORT *iResult)
{ // begin ConvertScancodeToASCII()
static HKL Layout = GetKeyboardLayout(0);
static UCHAR byState[256];

if(GetKeyboardState(byState) == FALSE)
return 0;
UINT vk = MapVirtualKeyEx(dwScancode, 1, Layout);
return ToAsciiEx(vk, dwScancode, byState, iResult, 0, Layout);
} // end ConvertScancodeToASCII()

I think that''s easy to understand...

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I just spend whole afternoon on it, but I just can''t get it to work

If I press a letter I get a capital even if I don''t press shift. And if I press other keys like symbols or numbers I get even weirder stuff

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This is slow but you can use directx to get the keystate then do something like this.

if (keystate[DIK_SHIFT] & 0x80)
usecaps = true;
usecaps = false;

//forgot dik value for a
if (keystate[key] 0x80) {
if (usecaps)
keychar = "A";
keychar = "a";

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try this ''under windows''

short result = GetAsyncKeyState(VK_SHIFT);
if (result&0x10000000) shiftkey is pressed

result = GetAsyncKeyState( 65 ); // ascii value for a

thus if shiftkey is press and a is pressed then its "A" else if a key and no shift key its "a"

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