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Code Snippets for VC++ 2005 Express

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Hello everyone, I just saw the VC# 2005 Express Edition and the Code Snippets. They insert some choosen parts of code by typing the shortcut name of the snippet and pressing Tab. I am very fascinated, 'coz that can simplify programming a lot. So I tried to find out how to use those with VC++ 2005 Express, but Im afraid I found nothing, although VC++ 2005 _has_ a code snippet manager. Do u know, if there's a way to use code snippets with VC++ 2005? I will be glad if so, thx in andvance

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I'm affraid I will answer somthing different than what you expected, but are you talking about pressing CTRL + SPACE (auto completion) ?
If you aint, just nevermind what I just said :p


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Ok, thank you

I have a simple reason for this: I describe every class method as follows:

#pragma region Constructor
/// <summary>
/// Here we create all things we need during the game
/// </summary>
// some commands...
#pragma endregion // Game's starting, prepare things we are going to need

in my IDE these XML Tags are highlighted and coloured. The thought I got was to insert that "/// <summary>..." with a shortcut key, so I had the idea that I could use Code Snippets. Is there any other way to do so? ( Copy'n'Past excepted )

Greets DirectXer

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