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i am having some issues on binding specific file types with custom apps. im working on an editor which provides diffrent node types, for instance tga, txt, wav, mp3 etc... what i did is, i created two extra commands in explorer/file types/advanced (view and edit). for example tga view opens irfan view, while tga edit opens photoshop. now, when u doubleclick inside the editor i say something like this.
         ProcessStartInfo  *lpProcessInfo = new System::Diagnostics::ProcessStartInfo();
         lpProcessInfo->FileName = cvtString( filename );
         lpProcessInfo->Verb     = cvtString("my_view");
         if( lpProcessInfo->Verbs->Contains( cvtString("my_view") ) )

the downside is that i must manualy add these commands to the system. i did check the registry, but it seams kinda wierd to me (xxxfile/command/...). i want to be to able to provide the user with the ability to choose which apps to run on view/edit. any ideas on how to do this? i' working on managed c++ project, with extra c++ libs (vs2005).

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