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OpenGL OpenGL and X11, mixing remote and local displays?

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Hi, I will describe my situation first. We do some semi embedded development. There is a x86 PC ebedded system using OpenGl under xorg to play some animations on one display. Because we develop quite close to what the hardware can display at a acceptable frame rate I would like to let the artist use exactly the target system so he can see performance problem early in the development cycle. As I don't want to hack a network interface to the engine it is required that the output opengl window and the editor the artist uses run on the same machine SOMEHOW. My first idea was to use some 3D-rendered GUI like CEGUI and implement an in game editor. The problem is that the editor itself takes huge parts of the screen so it might get more complicated for the artist. My second idea was to open two OpenGL windows on two displays if the hardware would allow this. This might be necessary anyway in the future. The problem is that neither SDL nor GLUT support miltiple displays and I really didn't want to code a lot of platform dependent stuff. The third option that crossed my mind was to mix remote and local displays somehow. The application runs on the target system on a xorg server. The output window is opened on a local display of the target but the editor on some remote machine using wxWindos or something like that as GUI library. Would this approach work? (I'm not that familiar with X11) Thanks for your answers. Suggestion how to solve the problem in another way are welcome too. Markus

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