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Writing game uses cases

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A general question. I'm writing a certain game , and I follow a book about a game (ankh) in which the ahutor describes how they designed and created the game using the common design tools presented there. Now, it says that after creating your game design document (which is only a verbal description of your game) you create your requirments for the game and write use cases to describe them. My problem is that I don't know how much specific a use case should be. For example I have in my main menu an options menu in which I can choose between playing scoring mode and timing mode. I wrote a use case which describes what happens if a timing mode is selected : 1. Score Limit menu item is disabled 2. Time limit menu item is enabled is that a redundant use case ? I'll be happy if someone could give me some tips about it. thanks.

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in my opinion it depens if enabling/disabling the timing mode has many consequences on the game flow
from what I see, only two variables will change values, nothing much complicated...and it follows a simple logic
so I wouldn't create a use case for it since what it does is kind of obvious

in your case, there's probably a higher level use case, I don't know, like 'Reaching a checkpoint'
in that use case, you'd have
'if timing mode is enabled, time is recorded and rated'

or, another example of a use case, 'killing an enemy', would have
'if scroing mode is enabled, enemy's points are added to player's score'

from what I've been taught from sofware engineering, too specific use cases are useless, and are better inserted in higher level use-cases

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