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I'm trying to build a look at matrix using two 3d points, current position and where I want to look at. I'm used to working with DirectX where x is positive forward, y is positive right and z is positive up and down. You'd build the look-at matrix like this: zaxis = normal(cameraTarget - cameraPosition) xaxis = normal(cross(cameraUpVector, zaxis)) yaxis = cross(zaxis, xaxis) Yieling this matrix:
 xaxis.x           yaxis.x           zaxis.x          0
 xaxis.y           yaxis.y           zaxis.y          0
 xaxis.z           yaxis.z           zaxis.z          0
-dot(xaxis, cameraPosition)  -dot(yaxis, cameraPosition)  -dot(zaxis, cameraPosition)  1
Right? The system I'm working with now has z as positive forward, x as positive right and y as positive right. Is it safe to just swap the values around? Will this have any adverse effects I need to look out for? Thanks.

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