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Ok so here is the deal. I need to get around a bug in Microsoft's Combat Flight Sim 2. The Problem: I loaded in some custom Helicopter Models with all of their approprate sound files ect. When I go in to the game to fly a helicopter the first time everything works fine. If I stop the simulation and try and fly the same helicopter the engine sound will not play. Even if I try flying the heliopter agin and again. In order for the helicopter sounds to play correctly I have to go through this sequence. *Fly a helicopter, exit current sim, fly same helicopter again, exit current sim, select a plane aircraft, fly that aircraft model, exit current sim, select the same helicopter model from the start, fly the heliocopter, exit current sim. After that sequence all the helicopter sounds will work during flying, and after this sequence you can play any helicopter as many times as you want and the sounds will work. Untill you exit the game then you will have to repeat it. If I can find a way to go through that sequence at the initial startup of CFS2 then I will be ok. The game will be running on a seperate computer, I will be connecting to that computer remotely, Via a program that some other programmer wrote a long time ago (with little to no documentation). From what I have seen that program is capable of controling the keystrokes on the romote computer to control the actions of the game. Any Ideas?

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