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Mixing DirectX and windows forms/controls

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I am working on an application that requires directx for drawing but also has quite a bit of GUI (not quite a traditional game). Due to the amount of GUI involved I want to use windows forms and controls with a panel that a directx device renders to for the drawing. I also need the app to be fullscreen. I am working in visual studio 2005 .net I have managed to make a fullscreen form that contains windows controls (doing little more than creating a fullscreen device). I have also managed to make a windowed form (the same form as above but windowed) with a second device that renders to a panel inside the form. What I need is this second device rendering to the panel when the form is in fullscreen mode, but the device initialization always fails. So a true fullscreen directx controlled windows form is possible, and a directx controlled windowed form with a directx controlled panel is possible, but is a combination of the two possible? Thanks for your time Andrew

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