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How to create a remote monitoring system for my engine

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Hi! I think my post title is quite explanatory: I would like to create a application separate application that would be able to 'connect' somehow to my engine's executable while it is running. That would be a debug feature so I wont care too much about the efficiency/speed issues as long as the game remains playable at a minimum framerate. I thought of some kind of API that would be called from the game: AddMonitorVar(memory adress, constant ID) then, every once in a while, the engine would call another function (only if a connection with the monitor is established) like UpdateMonitor(), which effect would be to send the values in real time to the monitoring aplication. On the other end, the monitoring could be doing all sorts of things with the values: drawing curves, displaying them in almost-real-time etc. A basic example is the FPS. While it's true that it could be displayed in game directly, when it comes to more and more values to monitor(number of tris, number of game object, memory used, etc, etc) one may end up with a screen where he cant even see his game any more. Rather that creating a complex display system directly in game, which would be somehow depending and bound to the rendering process, I figured that an external application might handle that job more properly, and that I would end up with something more reusable. It would also be easier to have an efficient input system in a conventional win32 application (just think of a basic text field to send commands to the engine like "set light_1 on" would be far easier to do than to have an integrated console like in some popular games (almost all first person shooters have this) So I'd like your feedback on this idea (that I'm sure one bazillion people have think - and possibly done ? if so I'm interested in links) before me. I'd like my monitoring system to be able to connect to my engin through a network (say for exemple I have two computer and want to monitor the game in full screen mode) or in a local mode (with a dual screen system) Another very important question is that, to build this app, a friend of mine offered his help but he is a C# developper, while my engine is a C++. I'm quite sure that wouldnt be a real issue to have these applications communicate together would it ? Thanks for reading so far ! Regards, janta.

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