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How do YOU build a realistic world?

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I''ve got little experience with actual modelling, although I do know the software and have the ambition to do something with it. I''d like to build models for my own hobbiest projects. Can you give me tips on how you model realistic scenes and objects? Textures are obviously more important for distant views, but I''d like to mess around with animation. Specifically, I want to create low-poly humans and other creatures, plantlife, furniture, landscape, buildings. . . well, just about everything. But I''d like to start small. Any advice is appreciated. There seems to be a lack of good tutorials on the web these days.

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Why don''t you check out It is a homepage for competition of computer graphics images and the top winners can creates really stunning images. A lot of the images comes with PovRay source code so that you can see how they do the lightning, texture and effects (fog, sun, underwater etc).

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