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I could use some help implementing a Quake-like console...

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if you don't want to handle the parsing yourself (which can be a huge pain), you can instead use Microsoft's JavaScript thing, which is available free. the address is http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/, on the left click on script control, then click documentation on the tree under script control, then click on Windows Script Interfaces on the right. you can also use an ActiveX control if the interfaces are too complicated


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I would like to use a Quake-like console in my next game project and I've got some general questions about how one would create such a thing. I've not tried to code it yet, but here is how I've thought about doing it:

-Create a struct that contains two pieces of data; a pointer to a global variable, and a string representation of the variable.

-Create a struct as described above for each global variable, and stick them all into a binary tree.

-Create a Console class to hold the binary tree and handle the string parsing code.

My goal is to have it so that one could bring down the console and type the following:


The console would then (upon reciveing the enter key) parse the string and call something like Set( "SPEED", 20 ); I'm primaryly conserned with using the console to alter global variables durring runtime. Do I have the right idea, or am I going the wronge direction?

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