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Rotating and Moving an animation in Character Studio

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For 3DStudio Max 7 (Character studio) Suppose I have an animation which has being done using free transform (no foot steps). That animation represents a round kick oriented by the x-axis. I need the animation be oriented to the y-axis so I need to rotate the animation 90 degress left. But how can I do that? If I rotate the model then only the selected keyframe is rotated, If you select all keyframes then all bones get rotated acording to their in-keyframe pivot. I need to rotate the complete animation. As far as I guess it should be possible to that with out having to change keyframe by keyframe, because when a complete fighting animation is needed and you have kick,punch and other simple animations, you have to place the next animation in the keyframe that the previous animation stop and rotate it to the orientation stated by the last one. Another similar thing that I need to do is to make an animation mirror. Some of the kick animations I have are not just rotated but are with the wrong stance. So I need to rotate them and then make a mirror. Any hint?

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