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Algorithm Analysis

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I am studying for my Algorithm Analysis class, i need to fill in this table: Operation: Finding a particular item Finding the ith element Finding the maximum item Adding an item Deleting a particular item for: Unsorted array, Sorted array, Unsorted linked list, Sorted linked list the different levels of compelxcity are: O(k) O(lg N) O(N) O(N lg N) O(N2) O(N3) O(Nk) O(2N) For all of these i am looking for the worst case. Finding item,Finding ith element,Finding maximum item,Adding an item,Delete item So far here is what i have, in the order listed above: Unsorted array : O(N),O(k),O(N),O(k), O(N) Sorted array : O(lg N),O(k),O(k),O(N), O(N) Unsorted linked list : O(N),O(N),O(N),O(k), O(k) Sorted linked list : O(N),O(N),O(k),O(N), O(k) Sorry if this is hard to read, i am not sure how to put a chart into a post. If anyone could point out any mistakes, or confirm my results that would be great, Thanks.

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